Smartfuture provides a variety of tech solutions to healthcare providers.

RPM Platform

Smartfuture provides white-label, EMR-integrated remote patient monitoring platform, including all hardware, software and 24/7 monitoring and counselling service.

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Telehealth Platform

Smartfuture provides white-label telehealth platform on subscription to GPs and Specialists so they can offer a variety of remote care services to their patients.

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Health Kiosks and Pods

Smartfuture provides health kiosks and pods to clinics, hotels and offices so they can offer on‑demand consultations and triage without the cost burden of traditional on‑site clinics.

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Telehealth Platform for Sleep Specialists

We provide end to end sleep solutions with treatments for varying degrees of sleep issues. Doctors can receive accurate information on patients and advise on intervention solutions.

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Telehealth Platform for Lungs Specialists

Through easy to use diagnostic devices, patients’ vital can be taken in merely minutes. Smartfuture’s platform allows doctors to properly analyse the data and provide treatment advice.

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