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The MedCheck Kiosk

Smartfuture is health-tech company based in Singapore providing integrated diagnostic and intervention platform to offices, gyms, clinics, pharmacies, community centres and apartments.

The platform includes a self-monitoring health check-up kiosk installed permanently onsite for users to check their key health vitals such as blood pressure, blood glucose, BMI and body composition, ECG, Sp02, Temperature, Breath CO, Breath Alcohol, Cholesterol, Uric acid, etc. Users are then given personalized diet, fitness and medical recommendations, or they can video call doctors and nutritionists from the Kiosk.

Early Detection Means Timely Intervention

Late detection of chronic conditions is more common than you think. 1 out of 3 diabetics are unaware of their diabetic status, similarly hypertension, sleep apnea, copd, gastro disorders are highly undiagnosed conditions.

Devices like activity trackers, blood pressure monitors and glucose monitors, and regular health screenings can be too expensive for the majority of population.

By having self-monitoring health check-up kiosks installed in offices, gyms, community centres and other places across the country, it is contributing to an inclusive society for everyone to benefit from technological advances in healthcare.

The MedCheck Dashboard

Clients are able to access a dedicated dashboard and effortlessly view through easy-to-understand graphs and filters that allows them to easily track their company’s overall wellness. 

Intervention are strongly encourage and can be purchase via the dashboard. Some of the solution includes fitness (yoga, zumba, and dances) classes, nutrition (supplement, health food, and cooking classes), and mind empowerment (teleconsultation, and talks).

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