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During this unprecedented COVID time that we live in, it is important to not only stay home and work safely, but it is also critically important to keep your lungs healthy to improve your body’s ability to fight off infection or illness. To find out how healthy your lungs are, do a Lungs Health Assessment now and get a Home Spirometry Test done from the comfort of your own home

Symptoms of Lungs Failure

Respiratory failure occurs when your respiratory system is inflamed, it is unable to remove enough carbon dioxide from the blood, or when there is a build up of a lot of mucus.

Complications of untreated respiratory failure can be fatal. You can minimize your risk by knowing your lungs’ conditions and following through with the treatment plan if there is any complication.

Shortness of Breathe

Chest Tightness or Pain



Chronic cough



Profuse sweating

Screening and Diagnosis of Respiratory Failure

Screening for Respiratory Failure can be done via questionnaires that ask about symptoms. If the questionnaire answers suggest Respiratory Failure, a variety of tests can be conducted for diagnosis.

Spirometry, Chest X-ray, Blood tests, Thyroid function tests and heart ultrasound scan are some of the diagnostic tests to determine Respiratory Failure and type. These tests can be conducted in clinics, hospitals or at home.

How can we help?

We provide white label platform to Lungs Specialists to help them remotely screen and diagnose Respiratory Failure and then offer teleconsultation and therapy to patients and monitor them.

  • Screening via Questionnaire
  • Home Spirometry and Blood tests for Diagnosis
  • Teleconsultation to explain results
  • Marketplace of Therapy and Treatment options
  • Monitoring of Patients using data
  • Patient Engagement by sending tailored content
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