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Smartfuture is Singapore-based company with offices and partners in 10 cities. We provide telehealth tech solutions to healthcare providers in their own brand, so they can capture vitals of their patients and provide care remotely.

There are 2 components to all our solutions – Software platform on subscription and Medical sensors and hardware that connect to the software platform.

Our customers are clinics and hospitals in South East Asia and USA.

Through the solutions we provide, our mission is to connect healthcare providers, insurers, employers and patients with the most advanced technology.

What We Do

We are dedicated to providing customized telehealth platforms to thousands of healthcare providers across the world so they can engage with their patients remotely. Below is some of the advanced tech that is part of our solutions.

Data Analytics
We do analytics on medical data collected to provide accurate insights on patients' health to their providers. The vitals collected through the devices and sensors is used for predictive analytics, diet and fitness recommendations, and aggregated reports, to drive better patient care and better manage chronic diseases.

Smartfuture provides platform to enable physicians and nurses to assist and follow up with patients, to better manage and stabilize their chronic healthcare conditions. Teleconsultation can be done in the form of chat, audio or video call. Teleconsultations can be recorded and stored based on regulatory requirements.

Smartfuture platforms allow healthcare providers to own their own marketplace to offer health and wellness products and services to their patients and corporate clients. In addition, Smartfuture helps healthcare providers to aggregate products and services from the partners that we work with.

Onsite Diagnosis
Smartfuture provides kiosks, pods and kits to healthcare providers for them to give to their patients for instant and regular vitals monitoring. Data from these peripheral devices is captured by the platform and make available to the physicians and nurses via web portal, EMR integrations and SMS alerts.

At-home Testing
Smartfuture provides capabilities to healthcare providers to offer at-home testing to their patients. Examples of these are Home Sleep Testing services being offering to ENT and Respiratory Specialists, and Home Spirometry services to Respiratory Specialists.

White Label
The platforms are always white-label, in the brand of our clients. Whether it is Mobile App, Web Portal, Payment gateway or SMS gateway, the owner is always the client. They are always hosted in environment of clients. All data belongs to clients.


Smartfuture has been part of multiple acceleration programs and won numerous awards - Xnode China Acceleration Program [2021], Leave a Nest Japan Acceleration Program [2021], Google for Startups South East Asia [2020], Philips APAC Acceleration Program [2019], Huawei Spark Acceleration Program [2020-2021], Impact Collective Program [2020], Angel Hub Global Competition [2021] Winner, Mitsubishi Electric Tech Planter [2021] Winner, Rohto Tech Planter [2021] Winner, SLUSH Singapore [2018] Winner, Seedstars Singapore [2020] Winner, Asia Smart App Awards [2019] Winner


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