White-Label Telehealth Platform

A subscription-based white-label platform for GPs and specialists to offer remote care to their patients.

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200+ plugins available for customization and integration onto the Telehealth platform

Claims Processing

Remote Monitoring

Chat/Audio/Video Call


Mobile App

EHR and Lab Integration

How We Do It

Our module development engine allows doctors to pick and choose the telehealth features they want. Prices starts from 700 USD per month/


We own a modular development engine, similar to Shopify, to develop a customizable white-label telehealth platform for clinics or hospitals within 2 weeks. Modules available are remote patient monitoring, payment gateway, SMS alerts, video/audio calls, integration with labs, integration with EHR, marketplace, eprescription and epharmacy, and many more. These modules can be selected based on requirements and we develop a telehealth platform comprising of a mobile app, website, cloud and database.

Medical Devices

We provide bluetooth and cellular devices such as vitals meter, glucometer, blood pressure meter, pulse oximeter, ecg monitor, stethoscope, spirometer and weight scale. The bluetooth devices sync seamlessly to the white-label mobile app of the client, which sends the readings to cloud. The cellular devices have sim card inside which sends readings directly to cloud without needing an app.


Marketplace can be included in the client's mobile app, allowing clients to offer their products and services such as vaccination and screening packages, chronic disease programs and medical devices, to their patients. Client's payment gateway is integrated so they receive money directly in their bank.

Claims Processing

The platform can be integrated with insurance company's pre-authorization tools and claim processing tools to streamline workflows, simplify data collection and automated generate documents, resulting a seamless billing process.

EHR and Lab Integration

The platform can be integrated with client's EHR and Labs, allowing client's doctors and nurses to continue to use their existing systems and processes, and not having to login to a separate platform.

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