Health Kiosks and Pods

We provide portable health kiosks and pods to clinics, hospitals, hotels and offices, for triage, health check-ups, and on‑demand consultations.

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Use Cases

Health Kiosks and Pods are used by our clients for a variety of purposes.


Health Check-up

Corporate Health Service

Nursing Home Benefit

Pharmacies Kiosk

In-house clinic in Hotels


Clients can pick and choose the modules they need to customize their own Kiosks and Pods.

Software Platform

The backbone of Kiosks and Pods is the platform that makes it easy for patients and doctors to engage with each other. The Kiosks and Pods have an Android screen running a customized client application. Doctors login to a web portal to answer calls, view readings, and give out prescription and referral letters.

Medical Devices

Medical devices, such as blood pressure meter, stethoscope, blood glucose monitor, oximeter and many more, are placed inside the kiosks and pods to allow patients to measure their vitals. These vitals will be recorded onto the Platform which allows doctors to check.


We also integrate the Platform with existing EHR and other systems of clients so doctors do not have to login to a separate web portal and be able to do everything from their existing systems.

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