Case Studies

Smartfuture has provided tech solutions to more than 400 hospitals, clinics and nursing homes across the world. Below are some case studies.

RPM Platform for Chronic Care Management

We provide customized remote patient monitoring platform to hospital systems and clinics in USA to enable their physicians and nurses to monitor vitals of patients remotely, offer counselling, and submit automated claims to medicare for reimbursements.

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RPM for Nursing Home / Elder Care

We provide platforms to nursing homes and old age care homes in USA and South East Asia to track their users continuously via connected medical devices, and have automated alerts sent to nurses and medical directors to take appropriate action.

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Emergency / First Responder Kits

We provide first responder kits & platform to ambulances, fire trucks, offshore locations, flights and yachts in Singapore and Malaysia, for real time checking of vitals, doctor consultation & timely action.

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Post-Hospitalization Home Care

We provide continuous monitoring platform to hospitals in US and Singapore to offer post hospitalization monitoring to patients to reduce readmission rates and number of bed-days.

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Telehealth Kiosks & Booths

We provide telemedicine kiosks and booths equipped with blood pressure, stethoscope, dermatoscope, 12 lead ecg and ultrasound, to clinic in Singapore to install in corporates, hotels and dormitories, and let patients call their doctors.

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Remote Clinical Trials

We offer platform for remote clinical trials in US which includes modules for onboarding, questionnaires, capturing vitals before and after therapy, and creating customized reports.

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Corporate Employee Health and Wellness

We provide connected kiosks and mobile kits to corporates in South East Asia and ANZ to track health vitals of employees and offer tailored recommendations to improve.

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