White-Label Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring

A tech solution for healthcare providers in their own brand, so they can capture vitals of their patients and provide counselling remotely.

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The Right Solution

RPM platform that comes with a mobile app, web portal, wireless medical devices, and integrations with EMR.

Bluetooth Devices

Cellular Devices

Mobile App

Web Portal

EMR Integration

Billing Integration

How We Do It

Remote Patient Monitoring made easy and convenient, for both physicians and patients.

Mobile App & Web Portal

We build white-label, HIPAA-compliant RPM platforms for clinics and hospitals that include a mobile app for their patients and a web portal for themselves. Using the platform, patients can check their vitals regularly, and physicians and nurses can monitor the vitals and get alerts in real time.

Bluetooth Devices

We provide bluetooth devices such as glucometer, blood pressure meter, pulse oximeter and weighing scale. These bluetooth devices sync seamlessly to the white-label mobile app of the client. The measurements are transferred to client's cloud and EMR in real time.

Cellular Devices

We provide cellular devices such as glucometer, blood pressure meter, pulse oximeter and weighing scale. The devices have 4G sim card inside which send the readings in real time to client's cloud and EMR in real time. There is no need for a phone or tablet when using cellular devices.

EMR & Billing Integration

The RPM platform will be integrated to most of the popular EHR and Billing systems including Meditech, Cerner, AthenaHealth, eClinicalWorks, Kareo and Epic. Clients also have 24x7 access to our Billing Experts to help them submit their claims easily and on time.

Chat & Call

Physicians and nurses will be able to chat and call patients from the web portal and from some of the EHR systems directly. Chats and calls can be recorded and stored for as long as they are needed for audit purpose.

SMS Alerts

Physicians and nurses get SMS alerts when patients do not check their vitals on time or when a reading is out of range. The Alerts will direct them to the web portal or to selected EHR systems directly, from where they can chat or call the patient or escalate them.

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