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24 Mar

Wave Fad Diets Goodbye With Habits Tweaks That Work

The internet is overwhelmed with countless articles on the latest diet fad and videos with fitness “gurus” promoting the latest diet trend. From intermittent fasting to keto diet, paleo diet and Mediterranean diet, there is always something new every day. While each diet has its own merits, you don’t have to kill yourself if it … Continue reading “Wave Fad Diets Goodbye With Habits Tweaks That Work”

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10 Mar

Busting the Covid-19 Myths

As the COVID-19 virus persists, the issue of social distancing, panic buying, and fakes news rises abound. Whatsapp messages about the impending lockdown of the nation or news about the patients getting better on their own are aplenty and easy to convince the uninformed. If you have some time, here are some myths buster and … Continue reading “Busting the Covid-19 Myths”

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09 Mar

Immune-boosting Foods to Add Into Your Grocery List

As COVID-19 hits ever closer to home, adding on to the procedures of good hygiene practice of washing your hand frequently, wearing a facemask when unwell and to avoid physical contact as much as possible, taking ownership of your health and feeding your body certain foods is another way to keeping your immune system strong … Continue reading “Immune-boosting Foods to Add Into Your Grocery List”

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24 Feb

Press Release – 24th February 2020: Smart GP Clinics for a Smart Nation

As our manufacturers prepare for Industry 4.0, the healthcare system is also being empowered to modernize and become more efficient to meet the growing demand of the current population. Problems such as the rise of chronic and novel diseases, high medical treatment costs and shortage of healthcare workers are imminent in the growing and ageing … Continue reading “Press Release – 24th February 2020: Smart GP Clinics for a Smart Nation”

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21 Feb

Five Essential Tips to Keep the Food Coma Away

Don’t we all have the moment when after a great and sumptuous lunch break, drowsiness starts to sink in? The struggle to stay awake at the meeting scheduled at the untimely 2pm and before you know it, you are on your third cup of joe of the day. Food coma or postprandial somnolence is a … Continue reading “Five Essential Tips to Keep the Food Coma Away”

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17 Feb

Fats Fact: Are All Dietary Fats Bad?

With Christmas and Lunar New year exiting less than 2 months ago, the subconsciousness of being more conscious of what we are eating slowly creeps in. “Do I look fat in this?” “Am I eating too many calories?” “Trans fats? Saturated Fats? – If it is fats, it must be bad.” Well, fret not! You … Continue reading “Fats Fact: Are All Dietary Fats Bad?”

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15 Dec

New Year, New Goals – Small Changes for 2020

As we are approaching the new year in less than 30 days, how many of us can proudly raise our hands on completing those 2019 goals? Don’t stop reading just because you are feeling guilty. Most resolutions fail not because we want to but because priority and changes cut the queue. Research has shown that … Continue reading “New Year, New Goals – Small Changes for 2020”

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13 Dec

Breakfast – is It Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?

We have all heard the classic line – “Eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.” And we have never stopped to wonder if it really is. This belief has persisted so long because the theory behind it sounds plausible – after our body uses up the energy stored to repair and … Continue reading “Breakfast – is It Really the Most Important Meal of the Day?”

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09 Dec

Change The Way You Sleep With 5 Easy Sleep Tips

It might seem obvious to most, but unfortunately, the importance of sleep is often overlooked. While many of us are guilty of crossing the seemingly harmless stipulated sleep time by “just another 5 minutes” that eventually turn into 30 minutes. Studies have shown that many of us adult gets less than 7 hours of sleep … Continue reading “Change The Way You Sleep With 5 Easy Sleep Tips”

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