Mobile Spirometry Services

In our pursuit of advancing healthcare accessibility, we proudly introduce our Mobile Spirometry Service tailored for clinics across Singapore. Say goodbye to the traditional challenges of owning a spirometer and embrace a more convenient, cost-effective, and patient-centric solution.

Why Spirometry? Spirometry is a fundamental tool for assessing and managing respiratory health. It aids in the early detection of pulmonary issues, enabling timely intervention and personalized care. Recognizing its importance, we aim to bring this vital diagnostic tool closer to GP clinics across Singapore.

Why Mobile Spirometry Service? We understand the challenges clinics face in acquiring and maintaining spirometry equipment. Our Mobile Spirometry Service eliminates this burden by bringing the spirometer directly to your clinic. No more logistics, maintenance, or concerns – just seamless access to advanced respiratory diagnostics. Tailoring our services to your needs, we allow clinics to request our Mobile Spirometry Service on selected dates. This flexibility empowers you to integrate respiratory health assessments into your clinic’s routine without disrupting your regular operations.

How It Works? Simply let us know the preferred date for our Mobile Spirometry Service at your clinic by filling up the form below. Encourage your patients to visit the clinic on the scheduled date for spirometry testing. The more patients, the lower the cost per test! Our experienced technicians will handle the entire spirometry process, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

Elevate your clinic’s respiratory care capabilities with our Mobile Spirometry Service. To request our services or learn more, contact us today. Breathe easier, live healthier.